Why it’s so important to have your music professionally reviewed🎧

It's important to have your music reviewed professionally , for an honest opinion. 

Your family and friends are not going to tell you if it's bad. They don't want to hurt you're feelings , they don't want to discourage you , or not support you. Therefore they will be telling you it's good. Then you get your head all big and you start to post it to people or send it as 

"Hot new song" "hottest artist in my city" or "I'm up next" or "here some real music for you" 

Then the person /blogger /radio station etc already has an expectation for it to be great. And then sometimes yes people are but at the same time seeing the title the person already expects so much so even being good they are not fully satisfied. Therefore they don't put you in the spot of the blog or radio where you should be you automatically get put in a mediocre section or spinned once a day instead of 5-10 or 7-10 etc. 

And that's it's your music is good now the problem with most artists having their music reviewed by family and friends is sometimes it's horrible and they are giving you a false sense that you will go far. You want the truth or you could be wasting a lot of time that you can take the criticism you would get by having it professionally reviewed and then go back to the drawing bored and perfect your craft. 

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