Music Distribution and why it’s not important (right now)

Distribution and why and why not it's important 

First I want to start by saying distribution is ONLY beneficial if you actually have a following , a fan base , a buzz. 

Because for one it's a waste of money 

Two it's giving your music more shelf life then it's needed. Therefore the music because old without even becoming popular first which is not a good thing. 

These distribution companies are getting rich off excited , motivated artists that feel like they have accomplished something by being able to charge for their music.

Artists are paying monthly fees to have their music sit on the "shelf" of these sites getting old and never getting bought. 

What they should be doing is having it everywhere for FREE so people can download and listen and become fans , you create a buzz for yourself so that when it's time to release a track for sale then people will actually buy it.

My advice is to spend the money you would spend on that on promo to get your links seen and heard first.

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