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What are some of your influences and inspirations as far as other artists dead and or alive?

Aww man favorite rapper currently "Meek Mill" the things he speaks of far as motivation nobody else really raps like that except nipsey hussel but look at what he did for his fam plus he got bars

...but i listen to mad Jayz ..Old Jay-Z feelin it probably the most played song i have Cant forget lil dicky i like him cause he remind me business major that didnt really have to rap but love the culture dont really care to be the tough guy ..thats dope

How would you say being an artist has changed or effected your life since you started ?

It made me find my nitch i realized if i wanted to be a rapper i had to have a back up plan that provide that same lifestyle ...cause ima do music whether i get a deal or I went to business school and i promised my self i wont stop till i get my masters I dream to be a cfo ..that rap like diddy and Jay z ...not on their scale of course

If you were able to pick one other artist to do an entire album with who would it be and why ?hmmm an entire album? .

...I would probably say chris brown or or J.cole ..I pick chris brown because his whole style is dope as fuck he's a creative genius ... J.cole because i feel like we both kinda got like that simplistic lyricism where its like okay these niggas can rap with having to be super extra with the punch lines

What is your honest opinion of the new age artists and t... movement?

I respect it ...if you can get yo mom and family out the hood and change the future for the generations to come in your family a man how can you not respect that , but that dont mean its for me me still old school i like the Gherbos donqs aboogies and joyner lucas's thats up and coming hip hop is a live you just gotta have an ear for it

What is one thing you would say about yourself as an artist that most people don’t know ?

The story behind "Yami" Im a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan (The original of course) Im shy so i barely talk but when its time to rap im like a whole different person . .just the love of it get my adrenaline going

What are you currently working on and where can we find your projects and information? Im actually working on my first real project with my Producer "Sonny Day"  #SociallyAwkward ...I cant give away too much but that'll be on every major its just #YamiSeason Im inloading freestyles , Videos , Interviews and dope songs ..You can catch me on  

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