Assembling your team part 2. Make sure everyone is on the same page 🎧

Assembling your team - Part Two 
Make sure everyone is on the same page 

From the very beginning when assembling your team you have to make sure that everyone sees your vision almost as clear as you do. 

Make sure that everyone talks everyone gets a chance to lay out their point of view and get their perspective on what they think is going on. For a few reasons one you want to make sure they are on bored and know exactly what you want that's most important but also to hear any ideas they may have that you haven't thought about yet. 

Always discuss every aspect having to do with the plan you have so they know every step so if they ever need to step up even when you don't think you will need them. 

The foundation has to be solid or everything will crumble, and building a foundation requires an entire team at some point , you may start it on your own but a team is needed to make it a success. 

So always communicate with your team a few things that you must require in your team being able to contact them at all times and have something sent etc is vital 

Must have working internet 

Must have a smart phone 

Must have a brand new business email set up for only them and you to access 

Must have 3-5 references 

Make sure they have been productive before when assembling a team for this type of foundation you need productive people so they must have references and proof of good work done already. 

Your team is a reflection of you and vice versa is what you have to think about when choosing people , of course this don't mean they won't have their own minds they key is to find people that will challenge your authority when they feel the need but also respect your final say so and decision. A strong willed team that will do whatever's necessary to achieve the success you vision for your dream. 

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