Assembling your team part 1. Don’t hire people you know 🎧

When you start to assemble your team you can't have all you're friends being  something. So yes you want people you already know doing the things like riding In cars with you and staying at hotels with you and have full access to you etc those you want people you know. 

on the business end accountants , PR , business manager , music manager , etc you want them to all be professional people that you don't know and of course you will get to know them yes but you want to start off NOT knowing them and as you are small you will have to get a solo person but when you get big you want a company , someone you can sue if need be and you will get your bread. This will ensure they do everything by the book. 

Hiring people you know also becomes and issue with  authority they feel like they don't have to listen to you because they've never seen you as a "Boss" , they also believe that since they are family or friends that you won't fire them or that you will accept more unacceptable behavior and work ethics , which is very true it's hard to fire someone you know. 

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