Interview with Uptown SLG as he is released from jail

In your opinion which social media site has been the best for you to get your music out ?

I Feel Like Facebook Has Been The Most Effective Platform For Me, I Actually Had A Deal For Both My GoodGraces & Constructive Criticism Mixtapes

What are some of your influences and inspirations as far as other artists dead and or alive?

I Would Have To Tupac Simply Because His Message & Life Period Was So Deep but Also Juvenile He's My Favorite Rapper Wayne Has Been A Big Influence Also

How would you say being an artist has changed or effected your life since you started ?

Music Changed My Life A lot One Would Tell You If I Don't Know You I Barely Speak But Through Music I Express A lot Of My Pain I'm A Poet & Rap Is My Form Of Poetry

If you were able to pick one other artist to do an entire album with who would it be and why ?

I Would Have To Say Drake Would Be My Ideal Artist To Drop An Entire Project With He's Very Creative & Ground Breaking I Don't Want To Just Be Labeled A Street Artist Because I'm Versitle As Far As Music & Home Has Loyal Fans I Would Like To Sell Anywhere From 300k To 1 Million Records Its Possible With Drake

What is your honest opinion of the new age artists and their movement?

I Honestly Like The New Generation Only Thing I Don't Like Is The Mumble Rap & Its Not Much Story Telling But Obvious Majority Of The World Accepted It So Its Trending I Came Up In A Different Era

What is one thing you would say about yourself as an artist that most people don’t know ?

I Would Say I'm In That Category Of The Greats I Make Records You Can Cry Off, I'm A Story Teller But I Only Speak My Life

What are you currently working on and where can we find your projects and information?

I'm Currently Working On My 13th Mixtape "SD3" I recently Came Home From A 9 Month Sentence So I'm Taking My Time But When I Drop My New Mix tape I'm Also Dropping A 5 Track EP If You Haven't Heard Of King I Promise You Will In 18' Stay Tuned

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