Interview with Kori Trouble @KoriTrouble_

 At what age did you decide to become an artist? 

During my early childhood I've always had a passion for writing poetry, kinda used as a coping mechanism due to the poverty stricken environment of Washington D.C , but with never an desire or passion to format my expressions into a song until 2 years ago. 

Name a few of your biggest influences in hip hop?

A few of my biggest influences in hip-hop would be Marvin Gaye, Tupac Shakur & Boosie ,dispite what the media made them out to be there music is/was real, soul penetrating, strengthening, powerful and last but not least a representation of a black boy raised in the ghetto. 

What are some of the things you’re working on right now?

I have a few projects I'm working on, I'll be dropping 3 singles this month "I remember" "Gang" & "Go Away" that will hit the charts, a few collab features with artist from Atlanta, Miami, Baltimore New York & New Jersey, a few radio interviews, Breast Cancer Awareness venue held in Baltimore MD with Bussdown Entertainment in attendance, a few food give always to local shelters in Washington D.C & Completing my apparel for Trouble Gang entertainment.

What advice can you give other upcoming artists?

The only advise I can give all up coming artist is to stay real to yourself & not allow your eyes and what you see to influence and capture your soul.

How has life changed for you since becoming an artist?

There's been a great change in my life. Music has given me a voice to share my story, music has been a outlet & allowed me to express my upbringing & lifestyle, with the intention to give hope & happiness but honestly there's another world outside of music, Responsibilities, Accountability, Murder, indictments, just to name a few in every city.

Have you had the pleasure of performing yet?

Yes I've performed at multiple local venues in the DMV and I’m excited to perform more.

Are there any artists/talent that you’ve worked with that we should be watching?

As of rite now I'm 100% focused on my music and telling my story but I am looking forward to collaborate with other artist in the future.

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Music Distribution and why it’s not important (right now)

Distribution and why and why not it's important 

First I want to start by saying distribution is ONLY beneficial if you actually have a following , a fan base , a buzz. 

Because for one it's a waste of money 

Two it's giving your music more shelf life then it's needed. Therefore the music because old without even becoming popular first which is not a good thing. 

These distribution companies are getting rich off excited , motivated artists that feel like they have accomplished something by being able to charge for their music.

Artists are paying monthly fees to have their music sit on the "shelf" of these sites getting old and never getting bought. 

What they should be doing is having it everywhere for FREE so people can download and listen and become fans , you create a buzz for yourself so that when it's time to release a track for sale then people will actually buy it.

My advice is to spend the money you would spend on that on promo to get your links seen and heard first.

Why it’s so important to have your music professionally reviewed🎧

It's important to have your music reviewed professionally , for an honest opinion. 

Your family and friends are not going to tell you if it's bad. They don't want to hurt you're feelings , they don't want to discourage you , or not support you. Therefore they will be telling you it's good. Then you get your head all big and you start to post it to people or send it as 

"Hot new song" "hottest artist in my city" or "I'm up next" or "here some real music for you" 

Then the person /blogger /radio station etc already has an expectation for it to be great. And then sometimes yes people are but at the same time seeing the title the person already expects so much so even being good they are not fully satisfied. Therefore they don't put you in the spot of the blog or radio where you should be you automatically get put in a mediocre section or spinned once a day instead of 5-10 or 7-10 etc. 

And that's it's your music is good now the problem with most artists having their music reviewed by family and friends is sometimes it's horrible and they are giving you a false sense that you will go far. You want the truth or you could be wasting a lot of time that you can take the criticism you would get by having it professionally reviewed and then go back to the drawing bored and perfect your craft. 

Assembling your team part 2. Make sure everyone is on the same page 🎧

Assembling your team - Part Two 
Make sure everyone is on the same page 

From the very beginning when assembling your team you have to make sure that everyone sees your vision almost as clear as you do. 

Make sure that everyone talks everyone gets a chance to lay out their point of view and get their perspective on what they think is going on. For a few reasons one you want to make sure they are on bored and know exactly what you want that's most important but also to hear any ideas they may have that you haven't thought about yet. 

Always discuss every aspect having to do with the plan you have so they know every step so if they ever need to step up even when you don't think you will need them. 

The foundation has to be solid or everything will crumble, and building a foundation requires an entire team at some point , you may start it on your own but a team is needed to make it a success. 

So always communicate with your team a few things that you must require in your team being able to contact them at all times and have something sent etc is vital 

Must have working internet 

Must have a smart phone 

Must have a brand new business email set up for only them and you to access 

Must have 3-5 references 

Make sure they have been productive before when assembling a team for this type of foundation you need productive people so they must have references and proof of good work done already. 

Your team is a reflection of you and vice versa is what you have to think about when choosing people , of course this don't mean they won't have their own minds they key is to find people that will challenge your authority when they feel the need but also respect your final say so and decision. A strong willed team that will do whatever's necessary to achieve the success you vision for your dream. 

Assembling your team part 1. Don’t hire people you know 🎧

When you start to assemble your team you can't have all you're friends being  something. So yes you want people you already know doing the things like riding In cars with you and staying at hotels with you and have full access to you etc those you want people you know. 

on the business end accountants , PR , business manager , music manager , etc you want them to all be professional people that you don't know and of course you will get to know them yes but you want to start off NOT knowing them and as you are small you will have to get a solo person but when you get big you want a company , someone you can sue if need be and you will get your bread. This will ensure they do everything by the book. 

Hiring people you know also becomes and issue with  authority they feel like they don't have to listen to you because they've never seen you as a "Boss" , they also believe that since they are family or friends that you won't fire them or that you will accept more unacceptable behavior and work ethics , which is very true it's hard to fire someone you know. 

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Check out the interview with NY artist @YamiPeso

What are some of your influences and inspirations as far as other artists dead and or alive?

Aww man favorite rapper currently "Meek Mill" the things he speaks of far as motivation nobody else really raps like that except nipsey hussel but look at what he did for his fam plus he got bars

...but i listen to mad Jayz ..Old Jay-Z feelin it probably the most played song i have Cant forget lil dicky i like him cause he remind me business major that didnt really have to rap but love the culture dont really care to be the tough guy ..thats dope

How would you say being an artist has changed or effected your life since you started ?

It made me find my nitch i realized if i wanted to be a rapper i had to have a back up plan that provide that same lifestyle ...cause ima do music whether i get a deal or I went to business school and i promised my self i wont stop till i get my masters I dream to be a cfo ..that rap like diddy and Jay z ...not on their scale of course

If you were able to pick one other artist to do an entire album with who would it be and why ?hmmm an entire album? .

...I would probably say chris brown or or J.cole ..I pick chris brown because his whole style is dope as fuck he's a creative genius ... J.cole because i feel like we both kinda got like that simplistic lyricism where its like okay these niggas can rap with having to be super extra with the punch lines

What is your honest opinion of the new age artists and t... movement?

I respect it ...if you can get yo mom and family out the hood and change the future for the generations to come in your family a man how can you not respect that , but that dont mean its for me me still old school i like the Gherbos donqs aboogies and joyner lucas's thats up and coming hip hop is a live you just gotta have an ear for it

What is one thing you would say about yourself as an artist that most people don’t know ?

The story behind "Yami" Im a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan (The original of course) Im shy so i barely talk but when its time to rap im like a whole different person . .just the love of it get my adrenaline going

What are you currently working on and where can we find your projects and information? Im actually working on my first real project with my Producer "Sonny Day"  #SociallyAwkward ...I cant give away too much but that'll be on every major its just #YamiSeason Im inloading freestyles , Videos , Interviews and dope songs ..You can catch me on  

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@afrikillz.grogd The Artist ...Aka Real Playa Isaiah The Playa

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Clothing line 

R.I.P Craig Mack May 10,1971 to March 12,2018

Craig Mack had been sick for a very long time , he died of heart failure in his home surrounded by close friends and family 

Craig Mack has a wife and two adult children.
Rest In Peace 

New Music KingBo Meggs “Na you wanna talk” (former no limit hook man) πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Interview with Uptown SLG as he is released from jail

In your opinion which social media site has been the best for you to get your music out ?

I Feel Like Facebook Has Been The Most Effective Platform For Me, I Actually Had A Deal For Both My GoodGraces & Constructive Criticism Mixtapes

What are some of your influences and inspirations as far as other artists dead and or alive?

I Would Have To Tupac Simply Because His Message & Life Period Was So Deep but Also Juvenile He's My Favorite Rapper Wayne Has Been A Big Influence Also

How would you say being an artist has changed or effected your life since you started ?

Music Changed My Life A lot One Would Tell You If I Don't Know You I Barely Speak But Through Music I Express A lot Of My Pain I'm A Poet & Rap Is My Form Of Poetry

If you were able to pick one other artist to do an entire album with who would it be and why ?

I Would Have To Say Drake Would Be My Ideal Artist To Drop An Entire Project With He's Very Creative & Ground Breaking I Don't Want To Just Be Labeled A Street Artist Because I'm Versitle As Far As Music & Home Has Loyal Fans I Would Like To Sell Anywhere From 300k To 1 Million Records Its Possible With Drake

What is your honest opinion of the new age artists and their movement?

I Honestly Like The New Generation Only Thing I Don't Like Is The Mumble Rap & Its Not Much Story Telling But Obvious Majority Of The World Accepted It So Its Trending I Came Up In A Different Era

What is one thing you would say about yourself as an artist that most people don’t know ?

I Would Say I'm In That Category Of The Greats I Make Records You Can Cry Off, I'm A Story Teller But I Only Speak My Life

What are you currently working on and where can we find your projects and information?

I'm Currently Working On My 13th Mixtape "SD3" I recently Came Home From A 9 Month Sentence So I'm Taking My Time But When I Drop My New Mix tape I'm Also Dropping A 5 Track EP If You Haven't Heard Of King I Promise You Will In 18' Stay Tuned