Music Mogal AlexGoesHard talks relationship , Breakup in brand new interview

In a new interview Alexgoeshard addressed the end of his relationship with ex-girlfriend (whom he didn't mention by name). "She's a good person, things just didn't work out because of our careers". It's hard to date and be close to someone when you're out here chasing your dreams. It is even harder to keep a good relationship when you're dating a model. I think our biggest breaking point was when I was in Texas and she was in Chicago". Alexgoeshard was asked how he keeps his relationships strong while he's traveling, he answers, "it's not easy. You gotta Skype a lot and use FaceTime. A lot of my friends have a similar life, they understand. My girl had to learn to deal with the fact that I don't know if I'll make it home for the weekend. I'm going on with my life and career, so I'd rather not focus on continuously speaking to media or blogs about my failed relationships". Keep up with the music mogul below... Instagram @Alexgoeshard

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