Interview With DiglaBaby

At what age did you decide to become an artist?

I started professionally recording at 19... when I started to take things serious, i started to develop my sound and really feel good about my music and have the confidence needed to pursue my dream.

Name a few of your biggest influences in hip hop?

Two of my most biggest musical influences would have to be Master P & Jay z. I admire their hustle and dedication to the game its some of what has kept me motivated throughout the years.

What are some of the things you're working on right now?

Well I'm working on a release date for my new street album 103 "Love is pain".... also got a hot single with sick wit it records artist Suga T called " come get me"

What advice can you give other upcoming artists?

I would tell em to stay true to there self...... never give up........ anything is possible with an imagination. an artist you have to stay hungry stay wanting it never get comfortable.

How has life changed for you since becoming an artist?

t changed me in ways I couldn't imagine. ...... the journey I been thru saved my life and kept me out of crazy situations because of my focus and love for my craft..... i now have a greater view on life and music and the following of my dreams.

Have you had the pleasure of performing yet?
Yea I've did plenty of show up and down california.... and still performing .....that's the biggest money return for artist ..... I gotta get it .......

Are there any artists/talent that you've worked with or would like to work with ,that we should be watching?

Yea me and sic wit records artist Suga T... got a hot single called "come get me ".. we also got music video ready..... I also got also a feature from d lo ..a bay Artist . from Oakland ca.....
I'm also working on a single wit Mozzy so stay tuned

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