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  At what age did you decide to become an artist?

 I decided I wanted to be an artist when I was about 13 or 14. I was riding the school bus home and I heard someone making beats on the side of it. At that point everyone started to freestyle. Even though I had never done it before the bass drove me to try anyway. Needless to say every said I suck and to never pick up another mic. I hate when people tell me I can't do something, but I love proving them wrong. I went home and studied every artist and their style which led to me forming my own. I later went back and showcased my skills to the school and got a standing ovation. I loved the way it felt to be the one everyone wanted to hear spit. I decided from that day that music would be my life.

Name a few of your biggest influences in hip hop?

Some of my biggest influences in Hip-Hop are E-40, 2Pac, Mystical, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Twista, and TI . I love just about all music, genre wise anyway. One of my favorite artist of all time is Lenny Kravits.

What are some of the things you’re working on right now?

As of right now, I am currently working on building a name for my productions company ( Sk8 Nation Muzik ). I do video/audio production, photography, graphic design, and I also DJ. I love knowing how to do it all so I learn what I can. I am also working on my next mixtape titled Release. I will be spitting more about my life experiences on this one.

What advice can you give other upcoming artists?

The advice I have for upcoming artist is to never give up. Don't let people tell you what you can an cannot do or allow them to change how you view yourself. 

How has life changed for you since becoming an artist?

Since becoming an artist my life has been nothing but amazing. Sure I have my bad days, but the moment I hit any stage or venue I lose myself and become one with my craft. I have accomplished more then I ever thought possible and seen places/things that otherwise would have never had the pleasure of coming across.

Have you had the pleasure of performing yet?

I have preformed a few times as an artist, but more recently I have preformed a lot of gigs as a DJ in Louisiana. (Keep in mind that I'm from Alabama , but I live in Arkansas now. With that being said I feel things are going extremely well.)

Are there any artists/talent that you’ve worked with that we should be watching?

I have worked with a multitude of artist. Most of which if you haven't heard you need to hear! Shoutout to Prince Dre (Royal-Tee Records), Young Grimm (SMG / UPS), Pha-Ro (Royal-Tee Records), Yung-Ro (Sk8 Nation Muzik), Ca$h Flow (Sk8 Nation Muzik), and Kiid Miller !

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Nicholas Shawn P.
Sk8 Nation Muzik,
El Dorado, Arkansas
Phone: 8703123754
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