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At what age did you decide to become an artist?

I have been writing from 11, so from then I knew I wanted it.

Name a few of your biggest influences in hip hop?

Tupac, krs one, wu tang

What are some of the things you’re working on right now?

I am about to release 'The Hostile Leadership' after shall be 'The Warrior And The Blacksmith Pt2' and then 'The Revival'

What advice can you give other upcoming artists?

Stay true to your self and alway push forward. Make your self stand out from the rest and also stay relevant.

How has life changed for you since becoming an artist?

Life hasn't changed much at all. I try to stay focused and not be swayed by 'being an artist' hip hop and rapping is a part of me regardless of where I am in life.

Have you had the pleasure of performing yet?

I have performed alot of times and plan to perform alot more

Are there any artists/talent that you’ve worked with that we should be watching?

Yes, the hostile leadership cd is entirely produced by 'The Chairman Maf' he I'd defiantly a producer to watch out for!


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