What age where you when you decided to become an artist?
I've been writing rhymes since I was a young teen. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I realized I wanted to do more with my music. I wanted to reach people and make an impact on peoples' lives. I wanted to do more than to just have my close friends as my audience,

Name a few of your biggest influences in hip hop?
My biggest influences in hip hop has to be artists like Nas. He's my favorite rapper. His way of story telling and description in his rhymes is just dope to me. Of course Jay, with his witty way with words and Big Pun as well with his flow and style of rap was amazing. I think I like story tellers and artists with messages like Slick Rick, Rakim, Tupac and B.I.G. I'm only 29 so I also grew up on Kriss Kross and other artists like Kid n Play and Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff who showed its okay to have fun and be yourself. Overall, they are only a few of the artists that played a part in influencing me in hip hop.

What are some of the things you’re working on right now?
I am currently promoting my album "I Hate Rappers". It is my first full length album. I've shot a couple of videos for it and am pushing it out to the people. It has had some great feedback and has been featured on a couple blogs and radio sites such as CT's own Hot 93.7 and NYC's own Hot 97. So I have a couple performances and events in the works for it. I am also simultaneously working on my next project entitled "The Grey Area" which will be dropping this Fall 2014. I'm also collaborating with other artists and producers on a few projects and will be making my acting debut as the lead in Howard Hughes film, who actually as shot all the videos for the songs from my album "I Hate Rappers'.

What advise can you give other upcoming artists?
Quality over quantity and Art over greed.

How has life changed for you since becoming an artist?
It's opened doors to meet many great artists from all aspects of life and provided me an opportunity to make an impact on peoples' lives and help them through times of need or just to help people enjoy life. No better feeling.

Have you had the pleasure of performing yet?
Yes, I've performed all over. Looking to expand my reach but, performing is great. Nothing like having that immediate feedback and being in touch with the people who love this music and culture.

Are there any artists/talent that you’ve worked with that we should be watching?
Prestige, Front Page, Charlie Tanqueray, Marvalyss, Ace Alexander, Ace, Josh Wells, Noates, Steede Chinan, The Autobotz, ATV, Joey Batts, Elle-Ce, Aja,DJ Meechie Natasha Ramos, Ysanne,  Emjae,Ru Williams, Perry, DJ Meechie, Logikil, etc, etc, etc! That enough?? Lol (I always forget people so don't shoot me... Lol)

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