***NEW MUSIC*** By Ca$h Kooper and Mr.Frosti as Cold Ca$h

Artists Ca$h Kooper and Mr. Frosti (known together as Cold Ca$h) decided that the only way to start the New Year off right would be to, of course, drop an EP. After hearing Freddie Joachim's "Begonia" they were inspired. The concept, "Timeless Addiction" was brought to the table by Ca$h Kooper. After some discussion, Cold Ca$h came to the agreement that the tape would embody their lives, and those things that they're addicted to on the daily; things that have moved from a habit to a lifestyle, and will continue to be a lifestyle until the end of their time. All of these beats were made by Freddie Joachim! Thank you to all who have supported us through our beginning stages and to those who continue to support us as we grow. It ain't nothing but love.

                                                     photo TimelessAddictionCover_zps97d164aa.jpg #BVMG 

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